Monday, January 31, 2011

We Are Not Alone

This blog is of a sensitive issue, one that I have very different views on than most people I know ... it's about the paranormal.

Lately we have been experiencing some out of the norm activity at our apartment. We moved in July 1. For the most part everything has been smooth and daily operations are fairly normal, but like I said, as of late ... well ... let's just have a quick review of what has been occurring:

* One of the first things to catch our attention is that somethimes when Ellie is taking a bath she will point towards the ceiling and laugh. It is always in the same direction and always in the bathroom. She has done this on a handful of occassions.

* Then Robert tells me that he hears footsteps in the hall when he is getting ready for work. He is usually in the bathroom and this is usually around 5:30-6 a.m. I think nothing of this because we live in an APARTMENT. I figure we are always going to hear other people walking around. But his claim is that they are very distinctive sounds; like they are right next to him and you can hear them coming from the hall. I too have heard footsteps but have just chalked it up to our neighbors below, but the more he says he hears them the more I wonder why I would hear people walking (in normal footfalls) in the apartment below us? I mean really ... shouldn't we be the ones they hear walking around?

* Ellie is scared sometimes for what seems like no reason. Once when Robert and I were sitting watching TV on the couch, she let a blood curdling scream like she was hurt, but somehow I knew that she was really scared. Call it mother's intuition. Anyway, when Robert got to her room he scooped her up and she kept pointing toward the ceiling again, only this time crying and screaming — no laughing. At this exact same time, Robert says that the "See-N-Say" lying in her floor was spinning uncontrollably and making some sort of weird noise. (It's fairly new. She hardly plays with it, but when she does the batteries are fine.)

* She wakes up sometimes like something startles her awake. I dunno ... I can't explain it. She is so sound asleep one second and then screaming the next. And I know that more than most children are afraid to be alone in their rooms at night. But let it be known that she is not afraid of the dark, and even so she has a night light. We have always listened to her monitor at night to keep an ear on her, but now I listen sometimes even when she is not asleep.

* Something else — and this is really creepy — she whispers "go away" a lot. Once, I was washing dishes and she was sitting in the kitchen floor playing with a toy. She was blabbin' and gabbin' at her toy but in between her baby babble she was whispering "go away." It was so freaky! It literally sounded like two voices — one whispering and one at a normal volume.

* A ball rolled to her while she was standing in the hallway. I didn't see this either. This is another claim of Robert's — not that I don't believe him.

* Last week she woke me up in the middle of the night with a fever of 101.2. At the same time her pink horse which was in the living room started "neighing." This is a battery-operated riding toy. You have to push a button — with some force — to make it "giddy up." It went off twice. As I got up to look for the thermometer I checked it to make sure it wasn't somehow pushed up against anything to make it go off. There was nothing around it that could've made it go off. Nothing was touching it.

* Another thing ... some people find orbs creepy; some people chalk them up to too much light in the viewfinder of a camera, but there are several pictures I took on Christmas morning where Ellie is surrounded by them. Orbs are pockets/balls of light caught most often on 35mm film. They occur, as I said, when there is too much light glaring back at the camera. They can be common in digital cameras with low pixel ratios but the higher the megapixel the clearer the image. My camera is a 12 MP! That's a pretty nice camera.

Because of all the strange going-ons Robert and I have evaluated the "door and windows" in our home. I don't mean the literal doors and windows, but rather the spiritual ones. We do watch a lot of horror movies — something that should decrease or stop all together. And I have an obsession I guess you could say with all the "ghost shows" like Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, etc. This too is something that I have tried to resist watching. Robert doesn't believe that the supernatural can enter our home through our television but I do.

Since the last episode we have taken authority of our home. We have cut back on the scary shows, and we have anointed ourselves, Ellie, her bed and bedroom with holy oil. We have prayed to God for forgiveness where there are doors we have left open for the enemy and we have told whatever is there — if anything — to leave. Since then we haven't seen any activity. But I have a feeling we haven't heard or seen the last of this oddity.

Spiritual warfare is real people, and it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not; it's still happening all around us. I feel ashamed almost, because as a maturing Christian I feel I just should've known better, but ... it's all been a learning lesson.

So what do y'all think. I'd love some feed back. Or better yet, I'd love to know that I am not alone in this type of thing. Has any other Christian dealt with this before?

(Can you see any of the orbs that I was referring to?)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grace and gumption for refueling the renewal!

So ... it's a new year and hopefully a new chapter in my life. I love the new year for that reason — a clean slate.
I don't have any resolutions this year — mainly because I know I would never resolve to do them, but also because I want to live as stress free as possible this year and resolutions only apply pressure.
I want to make God number one in my life. I feel I have fallen short of what should be priority in recent years. I want to teach Ellie how to be a Godly woman through my example of church attendance, prayer time and Bible study.
I want to get out of debt this year or at least make some major pay offs.
I would love to lose some weight, but I refuse to give myself a deadline or a number.
I would love to change my attitude and be a nicer person to my husband, my family and on my job. I pray everyday that I will make a conscious effort toward being more positive and helpful.
I would love to make more time for myself and the things that I enjoy doing like writing/blogging/journaling, photography, getting outdoors, cultural events, etc.
There are so many things that I hope I can make time for this year. With God's help I know I can achieve priority time management.

Holy Father, I pray that you would give me the grace and gumption to see my wish list for this year through. Revive me this year and energize me. As I seek to make time with you, refuel me for the renewal of my purpose in this life. I love you and only want to please you. 2010 broke me Lord. Please rebuild me. Make me stronger and more confident than I have ever been.
Bless my family God. Open doors of opportunity and favor. Make miraculous and wonderful things happen for us this year — for my mama, my brother, my daddy and Robert's family. Let us see your hand move as you stir us to seek your face. Give us passion for you! Give us compassion for others! Make us salt and light and guide us by your truth.
With the authority of Christ's name I ask these things. Let them be so.