Thursday, April 14, 2011

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement ...

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, I'm just gonna say it anyway ...I LOVE A.C.E.!!!
What's A.C.E. you ask?

A.C.E. is an answered prayer. A.C.E. is my miracle. It's more than appetite control, more than energy enhancement; it's my new reason for inspiration and motivation.

My Ellie will be 2 in June of this year. Since her birth I have struggled not only with my weight, but in my soul. I was diagnosed with post pardum depression when Ellie was only a week old. Since then I have been in and out of psychiatrists offices and tried on at least 5 anti-depressants and even anti-anxiety medications. In putting on the extra weight of pregnancy I have also been on hypertension (high BP) meds for 2 years -- something I suffered with pre-baby, but I have not been taken of these meds post-baby. On top of riding this emotional roller coaster, add to that the insecurities of my self image and I began showing symptoms of an emotional eater. I'd eat a piece of cake because I didn't like the way my body looked in the mirror. What kind of sense does that make?! Next thing I know I'm eating because my job is stressful, we don't have the money for our car note or a check bounced. Stuff that other people just worry about I would worry AND EAT about.

I weighed 200 lbs the day Ellie was born. From that day to this, for whatever excuse, my weight has climbed to 228.

As you can imagine, at 32 years old with no previous love of exercise or athleticism, working a FT job and chasing a 22-month-old, my energy is spent -- if I even make it that far! Most days I would leave work, pick up Ellie, come home to prepare a starchy, carby dinner and then nearly pass out on the couch. Forget cleaning house! I would go to bed dog tired and wake up dog tired. All the while that gloomy cloud was following me everywhere I went.

I am now glad to report that the madness has ended, because in mid-March I decided to try A.C.E.

WOW!!! After only 3 weeks of taking A.C.E. I have found my general sense of happiness. I mean I'm just in the best mood I've been in in a long time! And energy?! I got that back too -- more energy than I had even before my pregnancy. And it's continual. I keep waiting for this hard crash but there hasn't been one yet! Best of all, just tonight I weighed in at 218. Maybe it is only 10 pounds, but it's only 10 pounds NOW. Next month I know there will be even less of me! And weight loss aside, I was at a point in my life where if I didn't find something for energy and mood then I was going to snap. I know it; I could feel the tension building. I would ... no, no ... I will continue to take A.C.E. whether or not I lose 1 lb simply because of how good I feel.

I'm writing this note because I want anyone who is struggling like I was to consider trying it -- more than consider; please try this product! You will be astounded at just how good you feel. Follow the link and read about this product. Then when -- not if -- but when you're ready to give A.C.E. a chance, give me a call. All of my contact info is listed here on my FB page.

A.C.E. helped me any now I just want to help you.

(I bravely post this photo, taken tonight @ 218lbs, because I know in no time at all I will be posting skinny pix!)

1-13-12 updated photos: