Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby News ... ORIGINAL POST DATE 11-15-2008

Okay so, I thought if I'm gonna have a blog about being a mama then I will start from the beginning. I couldn't find a way to merge my old blog with this new one so I am copy pasting them. I REPEAT: THIS IS A COPY PAST FROM 6 YEARS AGO. I AM NOT PREGNANT AT THIS PRESENT TIME. Just wanna make that clear. :-)

"Baby News"
Original post date: Saturday, November 15, 2008 ...

Yes, I'm pregnant!

I didn't mention it in the last blog b/c we were trying to wait til we were out of the woods - or at least at the edge of them! I am 10 weeks and 5 days as of today. We got pregnant within the first month of marriage. Of course we were not planning that, but now that this new life is growing inside of me I wouldn't have it any other way. I would've never imagined getting pregnant would be so easy for me, but ... I guess we know now just how fertile we are. (Hopefully we won't end up with as many kids as my Davis cousins. Hee hee. LOL! I'm just kidding. I love you guys!).

Yesterday was so amazing. That was my first ultra sound. In these first few weeks, I have been in kind of a state of shock. I have found being pregnant hard to believe, but yesterday made it all so real to me - and to Robert. He's not the pregnant one so it's hard for him to get as excited as I have been. Yesterday finally put us on the same level.

And I am so in love with this little person who I don't even know yet! I can't wait to see who this baby looks more like - me or Robert. I definitely can't wait to know what sex it is. I think it's a girl but we'll see. I could be wrong. So ... anyway ... every body just keep us in your prayers. We still have a long way to go. We'll update more soon.