Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No fairytale; this is real!

Original post date: Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Category: Religion and Philosophy

Here's a deep thought:

God loves us so much that He would rather die than live without us!


I know that has probably occured to most of you and it has to me, too...over and over again. But every now and then, his love just reveals itself to me by reminding me of that.

See I'm sure we all have felt some sort of emotion towards another person that would leave us questioning how far we would go for them. I'm sure we have experienced 'love'. I'm sure at some point in our lives we have felt heartache we were certain would kill us. But I don't think anyone experiences TRUE LOVE until they meet Jesus Christ. Why? Because he is the way the TRUTH and the life. And none of us are really living until we experience him. To think I was dead before him and because he died I can live. What kind of love is this? Its irony and it awes me! I can not express how this kind of love penetrates the heart of who I am.

I'm a single woman with needs and desires. So often I feel incomplete because I have not yet found 'the one'. I mean, how many times have I longed to love someone? To be with someone? To have someone love me like I have never been loved? How often do I think to myself, "Is today the day I meet the love of my life?"

And then all at once it occurs to me again, "Oh yeah...I already have. His name is Jesus. He is the manifestation of God's adoration towards me."

God was so heartbroken at the idea of spending eternity without me that he literally died and went to Hell to defeat the sin that held me captive. Its the greatest love story of all time. I was the damsel in distress and he came to my rescue. He IS the love of my life. He IS 'the one' for me. His PASSION was his love for me. His PASSION compeled him to calvery's cross! And praise Jesus, his PASSION didn't die there, but because of it he got up! And now we will spend eternity together expressing our passion for each other! And one day very, very soon I am gonna see my savior, my redeemer, my hero, my shining knight coming for me. He'll be riding a white horse and he'll be coming for his bride. Forget horizons or riding off into the sunset - he's gonna split the eastern sky just so he can take me home with him where we can be together forever.