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Ok ... everyone's askin' 'bout Robert so I thought I would take the time to write a general blog instead of answering every e-mail. So .. here we go:

His name is Robert Hailey. He's from West Nashville, 30 years old, about 6', brown hair, blue eyes and absolutely wonderful! There is a beautiful story to how we met, and I'll try and sum it up as fast as I can (although ... those who know me well know that it will still be long).

One of my first job's out of high school was with the TDOT/Bridge Inspection Unit. During that time I worked with a man named Charlie. He was the same age as my dad and I the same age as his children, so we grew very fond of each other. We had lunch together almost everyday and just really enjoyed each others company. He reminded me of my own dad. Like my daddy, Charlie was sick. He had liver disease. He also had several reptile pets like bearded dragons, an eguana, a few camelions at one point, etc., that made hanging out with him neato! I just loved Charlie! He was the coolest. He couldn't really stand my bofriend at the time though, and felt that I could do much better. He even mentioned a time or two that his son was about my age. Well, after a lil' more that a year I moved onto another job, and soon parted ways with the bridge inspection unit — not out of choice, but just because life has a way of moving you along ilke that. In 2001, I gave my life to Jesus, and attended church a few blocks away from Charlie's house. Every time I would pass by I would think to myself that I needed to go see him ... but never did.
Fast forward to the beginning of this year. My friend Melanie sent me an e-mail telling me to check out the page of her friend Robert — said that she thought we'd make a good couple and that she didn't know why she had never thought of it before. At the time she wrote, I was on an 8-day fast, from food, but also from men. I like to fast at the beginning of each year, and one of the things I had been seeking God on was my (future) husband. I had decided that I was going to cut guys out for a time so that I could focus all my attention on God. I wanted no distractions. My prayer (among other things) was that God move all the wrong men out of my life and the one right one in. I explained that to Melanie. She said she understood, but to just check him out anyway, because she believed that there was a reason why – that in my time of fasting — she had been moved to bring up Robert (since we rarely talk). Long story longer ... I did check out his page and instantly decided I was not going to persue it. There was hardly anything about himself written on his page, and in my experience, those are usually the creeps (no offense baby :). So another week goes by and he finally e-mailed me. My first instinct was to get rid of him. I e-mailed back and told him that if he really wanted to know anything about me that he could read my blogs because I — unlike some people — had much to say about myself. I told him that if he had any questions after that to ask away. I knew he would read the infamous "Warning To All Men" blog and be scared away like everyone else. Before sending the e-mail I attached a "P.S." asking if he was related to a Charles Hailey from West Nashville (Melanie had clued me in on Robert's last name). He then wrote back explaining that Charlie was his dad and that he had passed away in 2003. He explained that he's not much on writing but that he would love to talk and included his number. After discovering this new development I was unexplainably compelled to call him. We talked for 5 hours that night and have talked every day since.

I'll try to explain it. He not only read the "Warning To All Men" blog, but every blog I've ever posted — and has committed most of it to memory. We've been dating 2 weeks and he has driven to Columbia nearly everyday to see me — and he brings me something each time just to let me know he's been thinking about me. He holds all my doors, constantly tells me how beautiful I am and is quickly sweeping me off my feet. He's just like me in so many ways, but just different enough to keep it interesting. I used to pray and ask God for a "born again bad boy" — someone that came from the same things I came from so that understanding each other wouldn't be an issue. Well, God heard and delivered. Robert is literally & spiritually from the same place I am. We both grew up in West Nashville, are the same age, hung out with alot of the same people (both in Davidson and Cheatham Counties), but somehow all this time have just barely missed each other. He has made some mistakes that have haunted him just as I have. He has used and abused alcohol and drugs, but no longer lives that way. We've both been hurt and wounded by people in ways we never saw coming. He makes me want to be a Godly woman for him — for the sake of his soul, and I know that I make Him want to be a better man. I know that in the time we've been seeing each other God himself is drawing us closer to him and each other. We can talk for hours and never run out of things to say, or we can say nothing at all and just breathe inside the most comfortable silences I've ever known. From the moment he answered his phone that night, I feel like I have found the best friend I was always missing. He's already met my brother and sister-in-law and Peyton and they really like him. I have a feeling everyone else is going to love him just as much as I do. I can't believe I almost blew this man — this wonderful, amazing man — off! One day I was sad and lonely just praying to God that He would either put me out of my misery or give me the man I am meant to be with, and the next there was Robert. And what's odd is that it's like he was always there; I just somehow missed him. We have met before — at least once 10 years ago, Charlie introduced us at a Christmas party — but I guess it just wasn't meant to be then. I believe that now is finally our time, though.

Yes, we are moving a lil' fast, but at the same time we are moving at our own pace — and it feels wonderful! But not to worry. My head is still attached to my body. I have prayed to the Lord for so long that it only makes since that God would just suddely move. We both believe that God is in this, and we are doing everything we know to do to let him lead us in the way that we should go. We are marriage-minded; we both have forever in mind. He'll be in church with me this Sunday and hopefully every Sunday thereafter. I believe he's the one. Everybody please just pray for us. I mean, if we get so far into this thing and discover that we're not meant to be then so be it, but I really can't see it happening any other way.

So that's it for now. I'll update all ya'll again later.
Peace, love and Lollipops, Y'all!